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14k Gold Nautical Wheel Pendants
14k Gold Polished Anchor w/Rope Oval Pendant measures 0mm x0 mm weighs 0.89g14k Gold Two-tone 3-D Anchor w/Moveable Propeller Pendant measures 34mm x21 mm weighs 6.17g14k Gold 3-D T-Bar Style Anchor Pendant measures 36mm x14 mm weighs 3.93g14k Gold Navy Anchor Pendant measures 27mm x11 mm weighs 1.58g14k Gold Two-tone Anchor w/Rope Pendant measures 32mm x 20 mm weighs 2.54g14k Gold Anchor Pendant measures 24mm x14 mm weighs 0.8g14k Gold 2-D Red14k Gold Anchor w/Rope Pendant measures 33mm x 20 mm weighs 2.58g14k Gold Medium Anchor w/Wheel Pendant measures 31mm x17 mm weighs 1.95g14k Gold Two-tone & Rhodium Anchor w/Rope Pendant measures 31mm x17 mm weighs 1.61g14k Gold Satin Diamond-cut Anchor Pendant measures 30mm x0 mm weighs 2.23g14k Gold Polished Anchor Pendant measures 25.2mm x0 mm weighs 1.02g14k Gold Polished Anchor Heart Pendant measures 0mm x0 mm weighs 1.54g14k Gold Dolphin on Anchor pendant measures 42mm x27 mm weighs 5.33g14k Gold 3-D Solid Anchor with Rope Pendant measures 51mm x37 mm weighs 11.4g14k Rose Gold Anchor Pendant measures 19mm x13 mm weighs 0.68g14k Gold Polished Anchor with Textured Rope measures 0mm x0 mm weighs 1.31g14k White Gold Solid Polished 3-Dimensional Anchor pendant measures 21mm x14 mm weighs 0.6g

14k White Gold 3-D Anchor with Rope Pendant

14k White Gold 3-D Anchor with Rope Pendant measures 24mm x13 mm weighs 127g

211-240-D2971 14k White Gold 3-D Anchor with Rope Pendant. measures 24mm x13 mm weighs 1.27g

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