For Fastest Service: Text anytime: (214) 354-5500
        or call from 8am to 9pm Central Time

    Call from 8am to 9pm Central Time
        If we are not available, please leave a text or voicemail
        and we will get back with you ASAP.

We are a small business that has been operating for 21 years.
We take pride in our products and customer service, and aim to be available to our customers as much as possible.

Q  I prefer making an order over the phone and not put my credit card info on the internet.
A  When you order by phone, we enter the into the same order form that you see on the screen.
After you submit your order online, our software scrambles some of the digits before storing your
data on our server. Even if a hacker were to penetrate our system, which is very unlikely, the
card numbers stored in that file will not resemble your card number because of our encryption.


    We often answer emails throughout the day, which includes evenings and weekends.



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